Kate Hudson Gives Her Take On Nepotism Debate

The nepotism debate has become a common topic for people to discuss. The debate has no end to it and many celebrity kids get dragged into this. Kate Hudson, one of the known actresses in Hollywood, recently gave her take on this controversial topic.

For those of you who don’t know Kate Hudson is the daughter of Goldie Hawn & Bill Hudson. She has often been called a Nepo baby due to the immense fame of her parents.

Recently, Kate Hudson did an interview with the Independent where she spoke about her initial acting days and Nepotism. She opens up by saying there was a lot of criticism for her. She felt pressured to do better and be prepared, as she use to think there are a lot of expectations from her.

Speaking of Nepotism, Kate doesn’t really care what people call her. She thinks that storytelling runs in their blood and that’s how she looks at it. She adds, “People can call it whatever they want, but it’s not going to change it.”

According to Kate, she feels that Nepotism is seen more in other industries than in Hollywood. She feels it to be more common in the modeling business. As she has noticed many Nepo kids in modeling, knowing nothing about the industry.

The Knives Out 2 actress ain’t worried about the Nepo labels people give. As she believes that it doesn’t matter to her where a person comes from, but if one is working hard and being good at what they do that’s the only thing that matters to her.

Recently even Lily-Rose Depp gave her opinion on this topic. She made it clear that she doesn’t like being asked questions about her famous parents. She also shed light on how people always define her by the men in her life and not by the talent she holds, and that’s what really bothers her. You can check out the article, here.

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