Kartik Aaryan Replaced From Dostana 2, Dharma Decides To Never Work With Him Again News

Kartik Aaryan Replaced From Dostana 2, Dharma Decides To Never Work With Him Again

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Time icon April 16, 2021

Kartik Aaryan will no longer be a part of the highly anticipated movie, Dostana 2. There were rumors of a rift between Karan Johar and the actor. The movie was announced back in 2019 but the shoot was delayed because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Although there is no confirmation of the news by either Karan or Kartik, a trade source has revealed that the actor is replaced. It is also reported that Dharma will no longer work with him in the future. The reason that was stated behind the big decision is a fallout between Karan and Kartik.

Another reason is the creative differences and it has also been revealed that Janhvi Kapoor and Kartik have had a fallout as well. The actor was rumored to have had problems with his dates and schedule. However, he also started having creative issues. It was alleged that the actor was beating around the bush when it came to shooting for the project. He had first decided to wrap up his work in the film Dhamaka by Ram Madhvani.

This did not go down well with the Dostana director. According to a source, Kartik gave the genuine reason for coronavirus pandemic for the longest time. The source revealed that the actor wanted to ensure safety so Karan did not push him. However, when he shot for Dhamaka, Karan was upset with him. They had a meeting where Karan expressed his disappointment with Kartik’s behavior.

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Sources Alleged That Kartik Had Tantrums

It is alleged that the major fallout happened later on when Kartik got upset with the banner when they gave Shashank Khaitan’s Yoddha to Shahid Kapoor. However, according to the source, Shahid quit and they never approached Kartik. The source further revealed that Kartik’s dates were not available for Dostana 2, because of which Karan decided to start Mr. Lele with Vicky Kaushal and Janhvi from April.

The source said, “The moment Kartik got to know about this development; he informed the production house that the only dates available for Dostana 2 this year will be April onwards. Karan understood what Kartik was doing and quickly reprimanded him for the same. He was genuinely upset with Kartik as Janhvi had to pick between Dostana 2 and Mr. Lele. The last we heard, Karan and Kartik are not speaking a word to each other.”

Meanwhile, another source revealed that the real reason for Kartik to drop out of Dostana according to the actor himself is the creative differences after one and a half years. The source said, “The reason for Kartik Aaryan to not continue with the film as stated by him is the creative differences after one and a half years and completed over 20 days of the shoot. This has never happened in the history of Dharma where an actor has walked out of the film for creative issues. Dharma has decided not to work with him in the future.”

Karan has also decided to replace Kartik and not work with him in the future because of his tantrums. The source revealed that Dharma is a prestigious banner and KJo is reputed for launching careers. However, this never cost him a film’s future and livelihoods of the cast and crew. There have been no reports as to who will step in for Kartik Aaryan’s role in Dostana 2.

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