Jungkook of BTS Sings A BLACKPINK Song In His Live Session With Fans

It’s not every day that ARMYBLINKS get a win, but today is that day. Jungkook made a fantastic return to social media after being absent for several months. His live session with fans went on for more than 4 hours. Jungkook surprised fans by sporting long hair and a lot of tattoos. To entertain the fans, the 25-year-old BTS singer also sang a number of songs from artists like j-hope, Taylor Swift, NewJeans, RM, and Gidle among others. However, one song that surprised everyone the most was DDU-DU DDU-DU by BLACKPINK.

Even though Jungkook only sang one tiny line likely on a fan’s suggestion, it was enough to get fans excited.

Later on, the BTS maknae’s pet dog Bam also made a cameo in his live. During the live broadcast, Jungkook said that he had been taking it easy at home. He added that he missed the fans and that is why he performed this live with them without taking permission from his company. Jungkook then did an Instagram live with Taehyung which drew almost 1 million live viewers. Namjoon also joined the live and jokingly asked Jungkook to “marry him”.

Even though fan wars on Twitter may make it seem like BTS and BLACKPINK members are sworn enemies, the rivalry only exists in the minds of internet trolls. In reality, members from both groups have shown to be courteous to each other. Taehyung and Lisa traveled in the same plane to attend the CELINE fashion show last year, which was one of the most iconic moments in K-Pop.

Jungkook, who was part of three successful songs as a solo artist in 2022, is expected to make his official debut as a solo artist soon. Jungkook is also strongly rumored to be doing a fashion project with Calvin Klein, but nothing has been officially announced yet.


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