JR Smith Is Exposing The NBA For Their Malpractices!

JR Smith Is Exposing The NBA For Their Malpractices!

Longevity is very difficult for all of the NBA players. If you have suffered injuries early in your career it can come to an abrupt end. Brandon Roy, Chris Webber, Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady are some of the players who were the victims.

The NBA is keeping secrets

On the other spectrum of it there are players who were role-players and excelled at what they did. These players were also the victim of some heinous injuries but have rebounded well and have had good careers. But the disadvantage of being a role-player with waning years is despite their will to play, they are not welcomed any longer in the NBA.

For years you will see some players who were prevelant during their playing careers and putting on the highlight show for their fans suddenly disappearing. Most of the fans speculate and believe that they are not needed by the teams and hence have gone to play for some other league. Such players also get tagged as gold diggers for having lucrative contracts abroad. That’s not the truth.

JR Smith’s comments

Recently, JR Smith who had a prolific career and has been crowned as champions in his stint with the Cavaliers and the Lakers, spoke on an interview as to why he is no longer playing in the NBA. “100%. Anybody can sit here and tell you that it’s a fact,” he said. “Give the four through 15th men, just the four through 15. Name one of them that’s better than me… I’ve watched their GM come up to me and ask me, ‘Why are you not playing?’”

It is understandable as to why Smith had to make such frustrating comments. He used the word ‘blackballed’ which is kind of strong considering how the NBA treated them. Plus it wasn’t only Smith who faced these problems alone. There are other players as well. In his tweet he mentioned Jamal Crawford, Isaiah Thomas, Nick Young and Joe Johnson to be victims of the NBA’s business decisions.

They can still Play!

In Smith’s final seasons, he played a combined of just 17 games. The surprising fact is that Smith is just 34 years old and a player with his skill set is usable in most teams. But it was his moment in the 2018 Finals which signaled the end of his career. After that moment, Smith found it difficult to convince a team to even take him. The same goes for the rest.

Nick Young is currently 35 years old and he has been away from the game since his championship run with the Golden State Warriors. Isaiah Thomas has been bouncing from team to team and not getting a chance to even stay in that team. Joe Johnson and Jamal Crawford are past their playing days so a case for them would be that they just want to play the game but the league isn’t allowing.

Such is the NBA business! It is understandable that league don’t want a negative image, a liability or an old man in their teams but they are toying with the players’ love for the game by taking such actions. If Jordan were to tell he would be coming to play in the league, he would be allowed without hesitation. The league needs to stop ‘blackballing’ players whether they are past their prime. Their love for the game will never decline even if their body does!

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