Jordan Poole May Become The Face Of The Franchise On Some Other Team

Jordan Poole May Become The Face Of The Franchise On Some Other Team

There are young players who put their effort on the court and break out in the season. In the playoffs as well they show their skill set which they have acquired over the summer or in the period of the season. It can be said that it is due to the fact that they are in a good franchise who knows how to develop their young players. Another aspect of it is that they fit well with the system of the team.

Career So Far

One player who has been blessed with both of these, is Jordan Poole of the Golden State Warriors. In 2 years of his playing career, most people and even he Warriors’ fans had dismissed Poole to be just another role player. To everyone’ surprise, Poole had been training and this season he has made the breakthrough which nobody expected him to make.

He played in the Shooting Guard position for majority of the season along side Curry. When Thompson came back and Curry got hurt, Poole played the Point Guard position. He had no difficulty in switching position and the Warriors’ style of play remained intact as well.

With such versatility and the ability to play on and off the ball with such smooth moves, many teams would want Jordan Poole in their starting lineup. But it is not a guarantee that he would work in every style of play. No player in the NBA does apart from the likes of LeBron and KD who is a walking system of their own. Maybe Jordan Poole can reach those heights someday.

At his current level of play, he can reach All-Star potential with a little bit of push. But Golden State Warriors is not the only place where he can grow. There are other teams in whose system Jordan Poole would flourish and become an All-Star. It would also make the other team an immediate championship contender.

Denver Nuggets

The first destination is the Denver Nuggets. With Nikola Jokic making plays, Poole can easily make use of the open looks he would get and on top of that he can create his own plays and for others at the same time. He can form a back court with Jamal Murray and become the most lethal backcourt in the NBA. The only knock would be defense but he should be able to develop that with due time.

Dallas Mavericks

The next destination to which Poole can head to is the Dallas Mavericks. The Mavericks desperately need a shooting guard if they decide not to sign Jalen Brunson. Having Jordan Poole alongside Luka Doncic would in fact be a huge advantage. Luka can penetrate the interior with Poole playing off the ball and vice versa. The combo of the two guards would definitely put the Mavericks back to Championship.

Los Angeles Lakers

Going to the Lakers would make them the favorites to win the championship. LeBron would get much needed help. Trading away Russell Westbrook for Jordan Poole would in fact be a blessing for the Lakers. Poole’s current skillset is exactly what the Lakers are searching for. If LeBron started playing Point Guard and Poole plays the 2, then we are looking at the most versatile duo in the league.

These 3 teams are the ones which would be beneficial for Jordan Poole and his future. He can make the All-Star and may even become the face of the franchise with the Lakers at least. The Warriors have really found a gem and his work ethic will surely take him far. Winning the championship alongside Curry, Thompson and Green would give him valuable experience and boost his trade value a lot.

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