Jonny Bairstow Says IPL Has A Big Hand In His Batting Success Across Formats

Jonny Bairstow Says IPL Has A Big Hand In His Batting Success Across Formats

ECB has always tried to hold back it’s cricketers from participating in major T20 leagues across the world. It has been a major reason behind less English Cricketers playing in tournaments like IPL, BBL and PSL. But the cricketing authority of England might have to rethink their notions as one of their leading wicketkeeper batters has credited IPL for his batting success. Jonny Bairstow had a major hand in England’s recent huge test win at Trent Bridge against New Zealand. Chasing 299 on Day 5 with just 74 overs in their hand, it seemed like the match would end in an obvious draw. It would have made sense if the England team would have taken a conservative approach. 

But this English team has shown that they now set onto the field with a winning approach. Ben Stokes and Jonny Bairstow together made a seemingly difficult task of chasing 299 a cakewalk. Both the batters played with an attacking style. Going after the loose deliveries, the duo especially went all-attack in the third session. Bairstow was adjourned the Man of the Match for his blistering century, coming at a strike rate of 147. 

Bairstow was criticized for by his countrymen earlier for opting to play IPL instead of county cricket. Many cricket pundits stood by this position as the red-ball cricket standards have deteriorated in recent times for England. But Bairstow specifically said that it was IPL that has helped him to hone his strengths and work on his weaknesses.

Playing against the ‘best in the world’ at IPL helped me – Bairstow

“There was a lot of people that were saying I should not be at the IPL and I should be playing county cricket,” Bairstow said. “That’s part and parcel of the game. Decisions are decisions and if I could say what I wanted to then… But there’s also elements to it where you are playing against the best in the world at the IPL. So being able to have those gears, to be able to go and switch them up, switch them down is important.

Yes, people say it would be fantastic if you had four games of red-ball cricket under your belt. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen in the current scheduling of everything around the world. And we’re very fortunate to be able to play in some of the best competitions against the best players in the world. So when it comes to pressure situations, the more and more you’re able to put yourself under those pressure situations, the better.

But also I’m incredibly proud of the way in which I went about that innings, because it wasn’t just going from ball one, I was 12 off 28 balls [12 off 24] or whatever it was. It wasn’t just a case of let’s go gung-ho. It was right, pick your times, pick your moments and then try and change the game.”

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