Jon Moxley’s reign as the GCW World champion may be coming to an end

After defeating Matt Cardona to win the championship last September, Jon Moxley has held the title of GCW World champion for almost a year. Fans of Moxley & Game Changer Wrestling have enjoyed his tenure in the independent promotion, while critics of Mox have more gore-filled matches to offer as evidence that he is not deserving of the title of top star in the industry.

It will be title vs. career in the following GCW World title fight

On Saturday’s GCW Homecoming show, Jon Moxley issued a challenge to Nick Gage that pitted his career against his title. The title match’s time has not yet been set.

Gage publicly declared his desire for another crack at the GCW World championship after Moxley defeated Effy to retain the belt. According to Moxley, Gage would only be given another chance if he risked his career. Gage concurred, paving the way for a potential world title match. No time was established for their match.

On October 9 of last year, they first encountered each other in a death match at GCW Fight Club. In order to keep the GCW World title, Moxley defeated Gage. Since then, Gage has only occasionally engaged in competitive wrestling; his most recent contest was in May of this year.

In an unplanned match, Moxley, who is currently the interim AEW World Champion, defeated Matt Cardona to capture the GCW World Heavyweight Title at Art of Wargames on September 4 of last year.

Mox’s Title run supposedly was being too stretched out for many fans

Mox made his sixth title defence last Saturday night (August 13). At night one of GCW’s Homecoming event in Atlantic City, his victory over Effy wasn’t a deathmatch or even particularly brutal. However, Moxley did receive some colour, of course, and gave his opponent a couple kisses on the way to a DDT victory.

His GCW World title reign may be coming to an end as a result of what transpired afterwards. Nicholas Gage faced Mox. The MDK gang’s boss wants a second chance to win a long build between the two old CZW rivals paid off when Moxley successfully defended against Gage in a Deathmatch last October.

Here’s when at an Indie Event, Jon Moxley reunited with his former tag partner.

Nick Gage is old enough and Moxley might leave

The stage is now set for a World championship contest after Gage accepted. There’s no specific time yet. Aged 41, the King of Ultraviolence. His last encounter for GCW was back in March. He has made only sporadic appearances this year and has expressed concern over the future of his career. Moxley might tell Gage to retire. Although Bret Lauderdale, the owner of GCW, is said to have been at odds with him at times, if he’s going to continue working for anyone, it’ll probably be GCW.

Interim champ can loose the AEW title too

An eliminator tournament to determine the AEW Interim World Champion was announced after CM Punk’s injury announcement earlier this year. Jon Moxley won the Interim Title at Forbidden Door after a number of arduous matches. In the most recent defense, he faced Chris Jericho and he defended the title. But this week’s appearance of CM Punk has undoubtedly complicated matters for Jon Moxley.

Checkout some backstage information on CM Punk’s surprise AEW come back and outcome plans.

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