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JoJo Siwa Won’t Have To Kiss A Man in Her Upcoming Movie

JoJo Siwa will be starring in the movie, Bounce which is the adaptation of Megan Shull’s popular novel with the same name. The 18-year-old made headlines recently for saying that she does not want to kiss a man.

Bounce will start production in the fall of 2022 if Paramount Players give it the greenlight. In a recent interview, the influencer revealed that she is madly in love and does not want to kiss another human. She said, “I’m madly in love and I do not want to kiss another human. Especially because it’s a man.”

The YouTuber further added that she is not about that and she is trying to get it pulled. She seems convinced that it will get pulled. And now, seems like JoJo got exactly what she asked for. According to a source close to the venture, that scene in the script is not essential. They revealed that the scene can be cut if she is not comfortable with it.

This also confirms the influencer’s tweet from yesterday. She wrote that her friends at Paramount and Caleeb Pinkett are 1000% supportive of her. The YouTuber shared that they assured her she does not have to do anything she does not want to “ever!!!” She wrote, “My friends at paramount and my friend Caleeb Pinkett are 1000% supportive of me and assured me that I don’t have to do anything I don’t wanna do ever!!! I’m so excited to make the movie “Bounce” and couldn’t have better people to make it with!!”

Bounce if made will be directed by Susan Johnson. She also directed the Netflix hit film To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before back in 2018. Will Smith’s Westbrook Studios will be producing the venture.

JoJo came out this year in January after having hinted it in a video that she posted. She was dancing to Lady Gaga’s Born This Way. Ever since then, she has been photographed frequently with her girlfriend, Kylie Prew and she identifies as pansexual.

Siwa, who has an unscripted deal with Peacock and will soon star in a Nickelodeon musical about her life, is on Variety‘s 2021 Power of Pride list.

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