Johnny Gargano Discusses His Decision Of Not Resigning From WWE

Johnny Gargano Discusses His Decision Of Not Resigning From WWE

Johnny Gargano, a former WWE Superstar, has revealed why he won’t renew his work contract. Gargano joined WWE in 2016 and debuted on NXT. The 34-year-old proceeded on to become the brand’s first-ever triple crown champion. Despite having a great run with WWE, the Ohio native chose not to renew his contract in 2021.

During a new conversation, the former NXT Champion disclosed what influenced his decision to abdicate or not.

“As I always say that there was a chance of 99 percent that I wouldn’t resign. Still there was a 1 percent of chance that I would. And though I feel like when Candice got pregnant, the 1% kind of vanished, and I was like, “I don’t want anyone in control of my time even during time while I’m pregnant.” “”Precisely.” Johnny continued, saying: “Whenever I’m with Quill, I wouldn’t want to be sitting at home and getting a call from a Connecticut number saying, “You need to be at this show or we’ll go do this appearance.” I only wanted a nice lineup, to leave on just that note, and to be able to return or go elsewhere in the future.”

Gargano and his wife Candice LeRae have welcomed their baby son Quill into world, as well as parenting has become the former DIY member’s top priority.

Johnny Gargano is retiring from wrestling

Johnny Gargano became one of the most beloved superstars in the history of WWE’s third brand during his main event run on NXT. The veteran is a three-time NXT North American Champion and a former NXT Champion.

Continuing his discussion, Johnny stated that he will be taking a break from wrestling. While away from the business, the former NXT star hopes to rekindle his passion for it. “I’m just hoping that this is a period where I can give myself a mental and physical refresh so that I can step away from wrestling, step out of that bubble, and also I would not want to suggest start loving it again because I’m always going to love it. But I just need to rekindle that passion I had for it to the fullest.”

With a slew of fans behind him, Johnny Gargano will undeniably be accepted back into the world of wrestling anytime he makes a decision to do so.


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