Johnny Depp Receives Support from Eva Green amid the Ongoing Trial Proceedings

Johnny Depp Receives Support from Eva Green amid the Ongoing Trial Proceedings

The ongoing trial of actor Jhonny Deep and Amber Heard has taken a lot of twists and turns, some or the other new thing comes up related to the case. Amid the ongoing trial of actor Johnny Depp, a new thing has come up, as one of Depp’s co-stars has come up and is standing up in his support. The actress has taken to her Instagram account and showed her support towards the actor, as the actress has uploaded a snap of herself with Depp. 

Eva Green and Johnny Depp were seen together and worked on Tim Burton’s 2012 film titled “Dark Shadows.” The actress made her Instagram post that showed and stated her opinion on the matter clearly as Eva took Depp’s side.

The actress captioned the post as, “I have no doubt Johnny will emerge with his good name and wonderful heart revealed to the world, and life will be better than it ever was for him and his family.” 

Although Eva Green might have come forward in Johnny’s support, most of the Hollywood industry seems to stay neutral until the jurors give their verdict in court in the final.

Other than Eva Depp’s former girlfriend, Jennifer Grey has also given her clarification that during her relationship with the actor she had never endured any abuse from the actor.

After the post from Eva came up, many supporters from Depp’s side flooded Eva’s comment section with a lot of gratitude and positive notes. One wrote in her comment section, “The Queen has spoken,” whereas the other one wrote and added, “Thank you for your support to Johnny.”

Many people have come up in the support of Depp

Amid the ongoing defamation trial, Depp seems to gain massive support towards his side from the public as netizens on Twitter and on other various social media sites. On the social media sites, “Justice for Johnny” came up in hopes of raising awareness about the alleged abuse that Depp had gone through while he was in a relationship with Heard.  

Their ongoing defamation trial has been going on since April 11 and was supposed to come to a conclusion on May 19 but the lawsuit was extended and now the trial is set to end on May 27.


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