Johnny Depp Fans Trend #WeJustDontLikeYouAmber After Witness Claims They Are Bots

Johnny Depp Fans Trend #WeJustDontLikeYouAmber After Witness Claims They Are Bots

The Amber Heard-Johnny Depp trial is all over the internet as witnesses testified in court on May 19. Ellen Barkin, who testified against ex Depp, claimed that the actor was often drunk on sets and threw a wine bottle at her.

She revealed in a pre-recorded deposition that Depp was a red-wine drinker. Another witness was Depp’s psychiatrist, Alan Blaustein who testified that he had expressed how frustrated he was with Amber Heard during their marriage. He had also allegedly compared her with his mom, who was abusive.

Depp described her as a “pain in the a**” and allegedly struggled to stay sober in the relationship. This was because his marriage with Heard was falling apart and he allegedly used drugs to cope with these wounds.

Another witness was a social media expert and a part of Heard’s legal team. Ron Schnell testified that #JusticeforJohnnyDepp had been the largest trending topic on the social media of the pair. A member of Berkeley Research revealed that millions of tweets with the hashtag were all negative towards Heard.

As per Heard’s legal team, Depp has launched this smear campaign against her and this has been started with the help of his former lawyer, Adam Waldman. The expert moved on to identify these as three major spikes that were so huge that they overpowered the rest of the trends.

The expert also claimed that all of this happened simultaneously with Waldman’s two statements and Depp’s 2020 libel trial in the UK. As per an investigative journalist, Alexa O’Brien, there has been bot activity happening around the trial. He claimed that the propagation of false narratives are been spread and he has never seen anything like this.

Amber has been vilified ever since the trial and there is even an online petition that asks for Heard to be removed from the Aquaman sequel. As of May 3, the petition has received three million signatures and by 17th May, it garnered 4.5 million signatures.

However, after Schnell commented in court about the hashtag, fans have been pushing out more tweets slamming Heard. The hashtag #WeJustDontLikeYouAmber is trending on Twitter. A user expressed that Amber is not on the same level as Jason Momoa after Aquaman because she sucks at acting. The user went on to say it is not because of johnny, her gender, or the abuse she has committed but because she cannot act.

Another user expressed that asking a “toxic” woman to take accountability for her abusive actions is not misogynistic. Yet another user expressed that they are not a bot and the truth is that they have heard the tapes and saw Johnny’s severed finger. The user continued that they also saw Amber’s bruiseless photos and were repulsed.

One user wrote they don’t like Amber because they have seen her character and the hashtag is not a misogynistic movement. There were many other tweets that responded to the comments made in court and clarifying they are not bots.

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