Johnny Depp Demanded Script Change In The Pirates Of The Caribbean 5?

Without any doubt, Johnny Depp is a proven Hollywood actor much before the release of the popular series Pirates of the Caribbean. He earned stardom way back and likewise, every director wants to work with him. Sadly, Johnny Depp lost his the franchise’s sixth part due to an infamous court case with his ex-wife Amber Heard.

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor sued the actress over her 2018 article in the Washington Post. Where Amber Heard implied that he was an abuser and sought $50 million in damages. Later, the actress countersued him for $100 million over statements made by Depp’s lawyer Adam Walkman.

So, the jury concluded that Depp tried to defame her once, whereas Amber Heard defamed Johnny Depp thrice in three different statements. Ever since Depp has been declared the winning party, there have been various challenges to the verdict, and even the jury’s liability was questioned.

Johnny Depp Demanded The Change

While the actor is struggling to get back his life to normal, there remain very less chances that he will return to Disney. According to the latest news about the actor surfacing on the internet, Jack Sparrow aka johnny made to avoid fighting with a woman villain.

Yes, you read it right. On social media, these shocking details are revealed about the actor. It was his fan who paid a hefty amount of $3,000 to dig out dirt on Amber Heard but little they would have expected that the plan will backfire. From erectile dysfunction to drugging his ex Ellen Berkin, a lot is circulating on the internet.

The scriptwriter of Pirates of the Caribbean 5 told that Johnny Depp opposed the idea of having a female villain in the film. He rather demanded a change in the script as he doesn’t like to fight a woman. So, Terry was fired Jeff Nathanson came on board for completing the script with the male character Salazar.

However, the sixth part of Pirates Of The Caribbean is under production and to fans’ surprise, Margot Robbie would be the leading lady. Though, fans are demanding the return of Johnny Depp. But the actor has made it very clear that he will never return. Likewise, Disney didn’t show any interest to cast him as Jack Sparrow.

Mashfak Qureshi is an entertainment journalist, who brings facts and knowledge in the simplest form and believes in questioning.