Johnny Deep Announced Tour with His Band Hollywood Vampire

Johnny Deep Announced Tour with His Band Hollywood Vampire

Hollywood superstar Johnny Depp, will be heading to Europe with his band named “Hollywood Vampire”, for an overseas tour. The band includes rock luminaries such as Joe Perry, Alice Cooper and Tommy Henriksen. As per the reports the group had previously cancelled a tour back in March, due to the Covid-19 pandemic related issues.  

During that time the group also wrote a statement and said about the restrictions which they faced due to Covid-19, “We kept trying to make it happen, but unfortunately due to the uncertainty of Covid travel restrictions, it is just not possible.”

As of now the group has a plan ahead to reunite with the fans, in Germany and Luxembourg for a scheduled six shows. Even though it will be quite a bit of wait, but however their first gig isn’t until next June at the Rudolf Weber Arena in Oberhausen, Germany. The last show of the group will be on June 30 which will take place at Zitadelle in Mainz, Germany.

Actor Jonny Depp is performing alongside with musician Jeff Beck, as a guest during the live shows. The actor’s performance made headlines, among the fans when the actor had travelled to Europe to begin performing with the legendary guitarist just prior to his trial verdict in a lawsuit against ex-wife Amber Heard. Just after that, Depp performed in Helsinki along with musician Jeff Beck. The actor performed weeks after winning the defamation trial against his former wife Amber Heard.

Jeff Beck and Johnny Depp, Collaborated on a New Album

The actor has joined with Jeff, once again for the run of shows in Europe until the tour wraps up on July 25 in Paris. The actor and the guitarist, have also collaborated on a new album, titled ’18’.

Also, they are releasing the joint project on July 15 with the set’s first single, titled as “This is a song for Miss Hedy Lamarr”, which has been already released. The song is written by Depp, which pays homage to American film actress Lamarr (who died in 2000 at age 85). It is one of two songs written by Depp for the project, the other one being “Sad Motherfuckin’ Parade.”

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