John Cena DISCLAIMS Vince McMahon told him that he would never be turned heel in WWE

During an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show to promote Peacemaker, John Cena spoke candidly about the possibility of him turning heel at WrestleMania 28, during his first-ever match against Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock. “I recall Vince [McMahon] toying with the idea of turning my heel for The Rock, the Rock one in Miami, early on,” John recounted.

“And I was like, ‘Hey!’ I told him. No problem, I’ll take care of it. But keep in mind that because we’re so far in, we can’t do it now and then jump back because we’ll be sunk on both ends.’ So, if we do it, I’ll have to be the polar opposite of virtue, pure evil, and we’ll have to go all out “Cena continued. According to John, the WWE Universe always sees him “in uniform,” with his “ball cap, t-shirt, jean shorts, and sneakers,” because the 44-year-old wrestler wants people to see him as “someone they can relate to.”

“He decided against it, and at that time he said, “Listen, I don’t think we’ll ever do it.” “Which was great because it got me to dive into nuances that spawned the creation of like the Firefly Funhouse Match [against Bray Wyatt aka The Fiend at WrestleMania 36] where I’m like, ‘Yo!'” Cena continued before concluding, “Which was great because it got me to dive into nuances that spawned the creation of like the Firefly Funhouse Match [against Bra What if I had a meta experience that included all of my defects and my whole timeline?’ So you’re free to do things like that.”

John Cena Hilariously Recaps The Suicide Squad

Cena’s Peacemaker was seemingly dead when fans last saw him, having been shot by Idris Elba’s Deadshot and then squashed by the collapsing Jotunheim reactor. But no one has ever gone all the way in the world of comic book movies, especially when the character in question is hugely popular among fans. As a result, the Peacemaker has been rescued from death and assigned a task on HBO Max. Cena is accompanied on his current adventure by co-stars Holland and Steve Agee from The Suicide Squad, as well as Danielle Brooks, Robert Patrick, Freddie Stroma, and Chukwudi Iwuji.

Of all, not everyone who is gearing up for the latest Peacemaker mission has watched his original exploits in The Suicide Squad. For those who need a refresher, Cena and Holland dressed up as Peacemaker and Harcourt for a little video recap that, unsurprisingly, is hilarious and profane.

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