Joe Rogan Shares A Story Of His Old Girlfriend On His Podcast

Joe Rogan is the most successful podcast host in the world. His show ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ was started back in 2009 and today, is regarded as the most successful podcast in the world.

Joe Rogan is known for his straight forward and outright attitude. In his podcast, he invites a lot of guests from different industries and discusses topics surrounding current affairs, comedy, fashion, career, politics, and more.

And now the Podcaster has shared an uncanny story of his former girlfriend. Joe Rogan revealed that his once-girlfriend used to be a college student pursuing hotel management. After she got a job in a hotel, Joe Rogan used to go meet her and realized the cons of working in the hotel industry.

What Did Joe Rogan Say?

He shared the story with the guest on his podcast, Chef Phillip Frankland Lee.

“I remember I would go visit her, and she was f**king miserable,” Joe Rogan began. “She couldn’t believe the hours that she had to work.”

“She just wanted a career. She went to school, and she graduated from school, and then she got this job. And then she had this boyfriend who was a f**k-up, stand-up comedian. So it was very weird for her,” Rogan added, saying he was trying his luck in comedy and had most of his day completely free while his girlfriend worked long hours.

“People listening, if you are thinking about going down this path, prepare yourself,” Rogan said.

According to the guest, working in the hotel industry is not easy and one must have the love for food and hotel industry to build a long term career in the space.

Joe Rogan Vs Jake Paul Expectations

Recently, Joe Rogan was in the news after fans hyped up a fight between him and Jake Paul

After Joe Rogan posted the training video, fans have been going crazy and soliciting for a Joe Rogan Vs Jake Paul MMA fight in the Octagon cage.

“Jake Paul has been real quiet since this came out!”. Another fan wrote “Joe Rogan vs Jake Paul, MMA three five-minute rounds, lets go. “Dana White is going to sign Joe rogan to fight Jake Paul after seeing this,” added another impressed viewer.

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