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Jimmy Kimmel Apologizes to Beyoncé for Mispronouncing her Name ‘For 20 Years’

Jimmy Kimmel has apologized to Beyoncé for “20 years” of mispronouncing her name. Following the announcement of Beyoncé’s upcoming comeback with ‘RENAISSANCE,’ the host and comedian apologized to the singer in his show’s opening remarks.

Jimmy Kimmel has apologized to Beyoncé, and we should all follow his lead. The presenter of Jimmy Kimmel Live! was talking about the shocking news that the Crazy In Love icon herself is releasing new music — her first since 2016, no less – but he was thinking about something else.

‘This will be Beyoncé’s first new album since 2016. And I feel like this is a good time to mention something that’s been bothering me,’.

What Else Did He Say?

He stated in his introductory monologue before bringing up her name on the screen “I want everybody to look at this together. The accent mark is at the end. It’s on the ‘e’. So it’s actually ‘Be-yon-say’. Not ‘Beyon-Say’.”

Jimmy Kimmel even apologized for his mistake by referencing Destiny’s Child’s Say My Name from 1999.

He joked, “I just want to be-yon-say, to be-yon-say, that I am so-ray for screwing up your name for 20 years. I mean you said, you told us ‘Say my name, say my name,’ and we didn’t listen.”

Meanwhile, ‘RENAISSANCE‘ is said to have country and dance music, as well as collaborations from hit songwriter Ryan Tedder, who co-wrote her 2008 song ‘Halo,’ and Raphael Saadiq, who has written singles for Mary J. Blige, Stevie Wonder, and Solange Knowles’ 2016 album ‘A Seat At The Table.’ Last summer, Beyoncé said she was working on new songs.

She stated, “I’ve been in the studio for a year and a half.” “Sometimes it takes a year for me to personally search through thousands of sounds to find just the right kick or snare. One chorus can have up to 200 stacked harmonies.”

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