Jennie & G-Dragon Are Allegedly Dating As Per Rumours News

Jennie & G-Dragon Are Allegedly Dating As Per Rumours

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Time icon August 16, 2021

The rumours of “Jennie Kim and G-Dragon” are back once again. This comes after the duo was spotted together at Jennie’s CF shoot recently. 

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know Jennie Kim is a member of the popular K-pop girl group, BLACKPINK. G-Dragon, on the other hand, is a part of BIGBANG which is a 4-member boy group. Both of them are signed under YG entertainment with their groups.

People who are part of the K-pop community have mixed emotions as new proof emerges of the two dating each other. Fans were divided as they did not know how to feel about the couple because of their shared past.

After the two were reportedly spotted, the rumours surrounding their relationship have been doing the rounds. In a report from a South Korean news agency, Star news, Jennie was shooting for a product advertisement for which she is an endorsement model. The report states that G-Dragon paid her a special visit. And as per Star-News, the duo has been going strong and meeting frequently.

Few of the fans were not convinced by these rumours and stated that people should not believe things without proof. These rumours first came to life when South Korean newsgroup; Dispatch claimed that the two have been dating for almost a year. They had reportedly provided pictures as well of the two meeting each other at G-Dragon’s home. 

And if you are unaware, Dispatch is infamous for revealing secret celebrity couples in the K-pop industry. They usually reveal about couples who will garner more buzz and hype at New Year’s every year. YG Entertainment was forced to put out a statement regarding the issue when the rumours started swirling. However, the label said they cannot confirm anything about the private lives of their artists.

Jennie and G-Dragon were first seen on-screen together for the latter’s “That XX” music video. It was released in 2012, and at that time, Jennie was around 16 years old, while G-Dragon was around 24.

Fans were discussing the rumours as the age gap between the two seemed to be the highlight. When the rumours of them dating started; many fans were supporting them and asking others to respect their privacy and leave them alone. 

However, since there is no confirmation from both YG Entertainment or the artist’s themselves, their alleged relationship is still a rumour. 

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