What Should You Know About BLACKPINK Before Their 5th Anniversary

Things You Should Know About BLACKPINK Before Their 5th Anniversary

BLACKPINK is going to celebrate its 5th anniversary very soon. To celebrate this special day, the band already has a special project that is being announced. The band has achieved numerous accolades and have been active under BLACKPINK for almost five years.

The group will be celebrating their five year anniversary on 8th August this year. They had made their debut back in 2016 with their album, Square One. It consisted of singles like Boombayah and Whistle. Both these lead singles broke records and were on the top charts of music worldwide.

The girls were training under YG Entertainment, which is the label of BLACKPINK. This label had announced that a new group is forming back in 2011. 2NE1 had debuted before them and they are also considered the predecessors of BLACKPINK.

Jennie joined the label when she was only 14 back in 2010. She had been the trainee for the longest time. After she joined, Lisa and Jisoo joined the label in 2011. And Rosé was the last member to join as she signed the contract in 2012. Lisa became the first trainee who had come from Thailand and had a non-Korean background.

The girl group was supposed to have seven members and had gone through several line-up changes before management decided to go with the current four. A few of the possible names for BLACKPINK were Baby Monster, magnum, and Pink Punk.

The girl group is immensely talented, however, even back then, the label could not contain their talent before their official debut. The four of them have been featured in various other works that other artists have released before. As for where they were before they joined their ultimate group of BLACKPINK, read on.

Jennie had been featured in the work released by Lee Hi, Seungri and G-Dragon. Meanwhile, Jisoo made her cameo in K-drama, The Producers and was a part of various advertisements. Lisa was a backup dancer and was the actor for Taeyang of Big Bang’s music video, Ringa Linga.

Rosé, on the other hand, was an uncredited singer on one of G-Dragon’s tracks from his solo album. She kept her debut a secret until officially debuting as a member of BLACKPINK. The band will be celebrating their fifth anniversary in a week with the release of their upcoming project, 4+1. Reportedly, even a documentary will be released about the band and there will be a photobook and other special goodies. Tell us who is your favourite member from BLACKPINK and why.

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