Jeff Wittek Calls Out Austin McBroom For A Boxing Match Over FaceTime

Austin McBroom fetched lot of attention when he defeated TikToker Bryce Hall earlier this year during the Battle of Platforms event.

However, McBroom was embroiled in a lot of controversy shortly after the boxing event for not paying the money to the fighters who participated in the Battle of Playgrounds event. Austin McBroom faced several lawsuits and foreclosures as a result.

Jeff Wittek Wants To Fight Austin

Since then, there has been no news about the YouTuber getting back in the boxing ring with another opponent. Recently, TikToker Bryce Hall revealed that he has not received $5 million match payout from Austin for their Battle of Playgrounds fight.

Now, the YouTuber has been challenged by a fellow YouTuber/Podcaster Jeff Wittek for a boxing match. While he has been vocal about getting in the ring with Austing McBroom for quite sometime now, the two never had a comversation.

What Did Austin McBroom Say?

Bryce Hall visited Jeff Wittek to get a sick new mullet style and this was the time when Bryce Hall gang decided to link up Jeff Wittek and Austin McBroom over FaceTime.

The FaceTime call was rather a brief one in which jeff told the ACE Family patriarch that he wants to ‘talk business’ with him. However, Austin McBroom did not show any interest and asked Jeff to get ‘his number from Bryce’.

“Bro, I got s**t to do, I don’t got time to waste talking to y’all, bro,” Austing McBroom added before hanging up the FaceTime call.

The video of the FaceTime call between Austin and Jeff is available to watch in the latest vlog on Bryce Hall’s YouTube channel. If you haven’t watched it so far, watch it below:

Do you think that Austin McBroom Vs Jeff Wittek will happen anytime soon? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.


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