Bryce Hall Reveals He Has Still Not Been Paid $5 Mn By Austin McBroom

The Battle of Playgrounds which saw YouTubers and TikTokers fighting each other in the boxing ring is over. But the payout that the participants were to get has not been made, revealed Bryce Hall.

Bryce Hall and Austin McBroom were the main faces of Social Glove’s Battle of Platforms event that took place earlier this year.

During the main event of the night, McBroom took home the W. Bryce Hall was getting a good pay day none the less.

What Did Bryce Hall Say?

Recently, in a Twitch stream of Adin Ross, Hall revealed that he is yet to receive his event payout.

And guess what? The TikToker is not alone who says that he has not been paid. Everyone from Tayler Holder, Nate Wyatt, to streaming platform LiveXLive — all say they are not paid for the event.

“No, I have not gotten paid, so Austin, hit me up please?” Hall said during the stream. To answer Adin Ross’ question about how much money McBroom owes him, he said ‘$5 Million’ sending shockwaves on the faces of everyone in the room.

“It’s okay, I’ll kill him,” Bryce Hall added. He meant to kill Austin in GTA Online mode if given a chance.

Lawsuits Against Austin McBroom

Austin McBroom faced multiple lawsuits following the grand Battle of Platforms boxing event due to these reasons. There are rumors floating that his company Social Gloves Entertainment has gone bankrupt and insolvent.

Austin McBroom has not responded to these allegations against him his company so far. We await to see what will happen now. For the time being, we know that fighters and streaming platforms of Battle of Grounds event haven’t received their purse.

On July 24th, the matriarch responded to these rumours. He stated that the digital media company, LiveXLive was withholding the funds.

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