James Worthy Rips The Lakers After Losing To The Rockets

The Los Angeles Lakers put on yet another insipid performance last night. Playing against the Houston Rockets, one of the weakest teams in the NBA, the Lakers blew an opportunity to get a crucial win under their belt in the closing seconds and the Rockets overpowered the Lakers in overtime.

Lakers legend James Worthy backlashed the Lakers’ for the disappointing loss to the Rockets. He pointed out that the Lakers didn’t play all that bad during regulation. But whatever the factors are that hold them back, for them to lose the way they did is simply inexcusable. Worthy scathingly remarked that the Lakers don’t believe in anything that they are doing.

He said, “I thought the Lakers played well enough to win in 4 quarters, except they missed a lot of free throws… They moved the ball, they had 25 or so assists. To me it looks like… at the beginning of the season, there was a lot expectations of this team to win. And I think they are at a point where they know they’re not going to meet those expectations. Even without AD and the injuries and all that, it’s not an excuse. They should be better than this. All the things that they’ve experienced, injuries, protocol. They still should be somewhere around 6 or 7 in my opinion. They didn’t start out the season serious, with preseason, they were waiting around. Now I think they realize they can’t win. This is what I’m seeing. They can’t beat the Suns or the best teams. I don’t know man, they’re not dead on arrival, but they just don’t have that tenacity, they don’t have that will to play their way out of this, even to get into the play-in game. You would think they might be able to with a healthy team. It doesn’t seem like they believe in anything they are doing.”

Worthy, a former Lakers star himself, knows the enormous expectations the Lakers’ fans have from them. He also understands what is like to play at the highest level. So it is not surprising that he expects them to be at their best. But the Lakers haven’t played anywhere near that level, and are currently staring down the barrel to miss out on the playoffs.

Rohit Shahi is a Sports editor and a passionate fan of NBA. He aims to bring all the latest NBA news to you, covering all the major events and biggest superstars.

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