James Charles Exposed For Allegedly Trying To Blackmail TikToker Ricky Murda

James Charles Exposed For Allegedly Trying To Blackmail TikToker Ricky Murda

Ricky Murda, a TikTok user, is accusing James Charles of blackmailing him. The makeup artist allegedly asked for Murda’s Snapchat user ID in order to acquire pornographic photos, but Murda refused.

This isn’t the first time the YouTuber has been caught in the act of sending text texts. James Charles had previously been caught grooming minors and catfishing straight males on dating websites. Ricky Murda has posted a series of TikTok videos stating that Charles, 22, tried to bully him into doing what he wanted. It’s worth noting that Murda is only 18 years old.

On Twitter and the adult social media platform OF, the adolescent TikToker has posted sexual content. When James Charles allegedly discovered his Twitter profile, he allegedly emailed Murda on Instagram, requesting his Snapchat account.

On Instagram, a screenshot of James Charles contacting Ricky Murda has received over 7.8 million likes. As the TikTok video became popular, Murda posted another TikTok video of Charles sending him sexual photographs, which he claimed was provided by Murda. In the Instagram DMs, James Charles also wrote:

“It would be a real shame if I duetted your tiktok with these :)”

Ricky Murda’s TikTok videos can be seen in the defnoodles Instagram post below:

Ricky Murda released a TikTok video outlining the disagreement with James Charles after the social media message exchanges. He stated, “

“I thought it was funny that he asked for my Snapchat, and I thought I’d make a funny little video out of it. He then sends me those text messages, basically trying to blackmail me.”

“Then why is your DM still in my request? Why didn’t your DM go straight through?”

He further continued that he has tattoos on both of his hands and if that was him in those pictures, people would be able to see my tattoos. Ricky added, “If I had added you on Snapchat, that would mean at some point, I would have accepted your DM and given you my Snapchat. Then why is your DM still in my request? Why didn’t your DM go straight through? Because I never answered you.”

Murda also posted a video of a DM sent to him by Charles, in which the latter claimed to have gotten a “flirty” message from “rickmurdaa”. Charles had no idea he was being catfished at the time. Murda went on to say that his Snapchat handle has always been “Ricky Murda”.

The allegations of blackmail have gone widespread on social media, with many people presuming James Charles has resumed his habit of messaging kids. Ricky Murda is no longer a minor, although he has recently become a legal adult.


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