James Charles Explains Why He Reduced Posting YouTube Videos

James Charles is one of the biggest YouTubers on the planet. With an impressive subscriber count and millions of fans, James is always in the news. However, it might not always be for the best of reasons.

James Charles was recently accused of grooming underage boys which led to him receiving a lot of backlash. James decided to take a hiatus from social media after the news caught momentum.

Less Content

The YouTuber returned to posting videos in July of this year but there was a visible change this time: The frequency of uploads on his YouTube channel. James Charles started posting very less content as compared to his initial days.

In conversation with Hollywood Fix, James Charles said “I’m okay. I took a break for a while but it was definitely much needed. We came back a couple of months ago and I’ve just been taking it really really slow.”


“It’s been really nice. I used to post three videos a week a couple of years ago, then I went down to two, now I only do one. But it’s been really nice to just have a lot more time to just focus on myself and my makeup brand and all the products that I’m working on.

“Like I was literally at the point of overworking myself so much to the point of exhaustion. Which was fun, like I really had the mentality that that was the recipe for happiness and success. So I’m really glad that I’ve been focusing on more things that bring me happiness, and not so worried about all the work aspect and stuff.”

He also said that the internet always tried to cancel someone or the other and it was normal when people tried to ‘cancel him’. James said “that happens all the time on the internet”.


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