James Bond Is Looking For A Younger Actor For The Upcoming Films

The James Bond franchise with Daniel Craig has finally come to an end. Ever since Daniel Craig ended his era as James Bond, meant people are questioning who the next Bond would be. For the last few years, Idris has come to the limelight s a fan favorite because of his natural swag and classic acting.

No Time to Die is marked as the 25th movie in the franchise and with the new movie. A new report from the franchise suggests that they are looking for a committed person for playing Bond in the upcoming movies. The franchise has revealed that Bond requires to at least 10-12 years of commitment.  This requires the actor to be a bit younger. However, considering these factors Elba is a bit old for the role.

James Bond New Movie

After the release of the movie No Time To Die, not much has been known about who will be stepping into the shoes of Daniel Craig. Irrespective, of how they will be carrying on the legacy the new Bond movie will now officially fall under the Warner Bros. label. MGM has gained a new partnership with Warner Bros.

James Bond is undoubtedly the biggest and the old movie series in H-town, thus the newly partnered studios are eager to take this particular franchise to great heights. The audience is keeping their eyes sharp to see who will be the next 007 and replace Daniel Craig.

The James Bond producer has said that they are still working on where to take the story of Bond in the new movie. The script is not yet ready as they have to decide new approach for the film. The character of Bond will be reinvented completely in this new movie. Thus it will take time and the film is long due for at least two more years.


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