Jake Roberts Reveals New Hip Surgery and Reunites With Former Love

Jake Roberts Reveals New Hip Surgery and Reunites With Former Love

Jake asserted that this was an honour for him to be able to join despite the fact that he was scheduled to undergo hip replacement surgery. You’re going to have problems when you get to my age, which is too old, said Roberts. Even though your components are deteriorating. You know, if I’d recognised I’d live this long, I’d have taken good care of myself, but rather to speak the truth, I’m enough to get my third hip replacement. This is bullsh*t, there’s really no guarantee on those things, but whatever.

You have a few minor problems here and there. Sadly, my mother instilled in me a few diseases for which there is no cure in my lungs. I need to do some o2 here and there.

But that’s okay because I have such great days in between, man. Having the opportunity to attend this 80s convention, where I’ll be able to see some of folks who are still alive, and there aren’t many of them. But seeing the guys, it’s just a wonderful thing.

Roberts resolved with a former partner

In some good news, Roberts disclosed that he has resolved with a former partner who left him years prior to his addiction problems.

Jake has mentioned that he will take her to the 80s Wrestlers Con this weekend. More relevantly, I’m bringing a woman I’ve been seen in love with for, oh my dear lord, 40 years, said Jake Roberts. She was indeed a strong woman, there was a time in the life when I was on a dangerous path, and we had children. She had the fortitude to say, Take a glance, baby, I absolutely adore you, then you’re not continuing to be around other kids when you’re like that. So you should pack your s**t and leave. As a result, we seperated 24 years ago.

We’ve gotten back together in the last year, and it is an incredible story. I mean, I want her to forgive me for everything I’ve done. Our love is at an all-time high right now.

Jake also shared a story regarding his encounters with WWE legend Ronnie Garvin. The veteran NWA National Television Champion clarified that when Garvin was about to make a big comeback in a match, his nipples would go hard, which was Jake’s cue that the moment was approaching.

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