Jake Paul Wants To Go To Space With Elon Musk For his 25th Birthday

Jake Paul, the YouTube and Boxing sensation recently celebrated his 25th birthday. The YouTuber-turned Professional boxer has been making headlines with his achievements for quite some time now.

He is currently 5-0 as a professional boxer and was also named as the richest YouTuber of 2021, as per Forbes. The star recently turned 25 and celebrated it with a bang. Jake Paul even posted a semi-nude picture with his girlfriend Julia Rose Paul on his official Instagram handle.

Jake Paul’s Top 5 Goals

He captioned the image with the top goals that he want to achieve in his life while he is 25 years old. The fifth goal that Jake Paul mentioned in the caption has got many fans wondering what will happen if it becomes true. Have a look at the top five goals that Jake Paul wants to achieve in the 25thyear of his life:

Get better every single day & enjoy every moment doing it,” he wrote to begin The second goal was “Elevate @serranosisters & women’s boxing”.

3) Help as many kids as possible through @boxingbullies

4) Expose bully Dana / help fighters

And the final fifth goal of Jake Paul was to “Go to outer space with Jeff, Richard, or Elon.”

If Jake Paul successfully achieves his fifth goal, it would definitely be a talking point on the internet.

His Upcoming Fight

Jake Paul, meanwhile, has sent out a cryptic tweet reacting to the announcement that boxing purists are not going to like Canelo’s next boxing opponent.

Taking to his Twitter handle, Jake Paul tweeted cold/chilled emojis to the news. While a lot of people suspect that the YouTuber is teasing a show down with Canelo, others think that he is just trolling, as usual.

In the past, Canelo Alvarez has commented on a potential fight with Jake Paul.

When Canelo was asked about whether he would consider fighting Jake Paul by a paparazzi, he said “Not right now.”

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