Jake Paul Gifts Tyron Woodley A Rolex Watch Ahead Of Their Rematch; Rigged Fight Speculation Grows

Jake Paul Vs Tyron Woodley 2 is happening on 18th December and there’s just one day left for the main event. However, just a day before the fight, Jake Paul has gifted Tyron Woodley a brand new Rolex watch which he claims is a ‘gift of respect’ for Tyron Woodley.

During their Showtime Face-to-Face, Tyron Woodley expressed his delight to be offered $500k bonus to knock Jake Paul out during their rematch. As soon as Tyron said that, Jake Paul revealed that he had another gift for him too.

Tyron Woodley Accepts Jake’s Gift

Jake Paul quickly brings out a nicely wrapped gift box and offers it to Tyron in front of the camera. ‘For taking the fight on late notice, I got you a gift. Merry Christmas,’ said Jake Paul as he handed over the gift box to Tyron.

Tyron Woodley was genuinely excited seeing a new gift coming from his opponent just few hours before the fight. ‘I Accept It’, said Tyron Woodley. The two even shook hands on-camera in positive spirit [seemingly] for the first time.

‘I accept your gift, and all the bonuses I accept it all. This dude is crazy,’ exclaimed Tyron Woodley after unwrapping the gift box and seeing the Rolie. Have a look at the video below:


Is Jake Paul Vs Tyron Woodley 2 Rigged?

But guess what? Jake’s generosity towards his opponent right ahead of the rematch has sparked speculations all over the internet that the rematch is rigged in the YouTuber’s favor.

Some even associated the Rolex to a ‘bribe’ that Jake was trying to give to Tyron. One user wrote “Is Jake Paying him off?” while another said ‘Rigged fights be like”.

If Tyron Woodley manages to knock Jake Paul out, he would get a $500,000 bonus as per the fight contract. However, the ‘Knockout Clause’ clause hasn’t been made public so there’s no certainty whether or not such a condition is there in their fight contract.

Meanwhile, Jake Paul is already talking about his likely future opponents and looking ahead of the Tyron Woodley rematch [as if he has already won].

All of this cements the speculations that the Jake Paul Vs Tyron Woodley rematch might be rigged. What are your thoughts about this story? Tell us in the comments.

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