Jade Cargill Uncovers What Shaq Told Before Her AEW Debut

Jade Cargill Uncovers What Shaq Told Before Her AEW Debut

Jade Cargill spoke about her family’s reaction to her decision to enter the world of sports wrestling. As according Cargill, her mother was not a big fan of her pursuing a career, but her daughter, Bailey, has been a huge supporter, so much so that Jade Cargill refers to her as her biggest fan.

Cargill revealed, “My mother said no.” She warned you that you would be hurt. When most people think of wrestling, the first thing that comes to mind is getting body slammed as well as causing harm. My mother still isn’t a fan of my wwe. My kid is one of my main supporters. I comprehend my mother because I always say no. My brother is also one of my biggest supporters.

My daughter was present the first time I entered the ring. My kid was always present and my daughter would start crying every time I was hit and I would get tossed. I’d have to take out the ring and speak to her until she understood. Finally, I said, “When I’m going to win and beating him up, I need you to cheer for me.” She’s been in this since she was two, viewing me get beaten up by these massive men. When crowd booing me, she gives them this serious expression.

Cargill described it as a dream come true

Jade Cargill is wife to Brandon Phillips, who has performed for the Cleveland Guardians, Cincinnati Reds, Los Angeles Angels, and Boston Red Sox. Despite his acclaim and appreciation, Jade Cargill revealed that she is beginning to receive more public attention than Phillips.

In preparation for her AEW debut in March 2021, Jade Cargill discussed what it was like to work with Shaquille O’Neal, with whom she defeated Cody Rhodes and Red Velvet.

Cargill described it as a dream come true. This is a man who everyone grew up watching. Every ad break, I believe you see a commercial for this man. It was a blessing in disguise for me to be in the same room as this man and share conversation and a ring. Who receives a prime-time debut against Shaquille O’Neal? I remember people saying to you before we left, Are you prepared? No, he told, looking at me. Are you prepared? This is my reality.

I work in the entertainment industry. Are you prepared? Don’t make me look bad. That set fire to my arse. It was a strange experience. This is the only time that people can see me. This is my time to make my thing.


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