Itzy ‘Crazy In Love’: Everything You Need To Know About 1st Studio Album

Itzy’s first studio album is nearing its release. The group debuted back in 2019 and have released various singles and mini-albums. However, they have not released a full album before. However, they paid attention to their fans’ request

They are finally releasing their first studio album, Crazy In Love. JYPE is planning to go all out for the first studio album as it has six versions, two music videos and has got a cinematic trailer too. The girls will also have a TV debut of Loco to mark the release. They will be performing it on the American talk show, The Kelly Clarkson Show.

Itzy also had a virtual event for fans as part of their pre-release promotions with Maybelline. They are the global spokesmodel for the same. After the announcement of the album, they got their show renewed for the second season, Codename: Secret ITZY 2.

Crazy In Love and Loco music videos will be released on September 24 at 1 pm KST (12 am ET). Meanwhile, the music video for Swipe will be released on September 27 at 12 am KST (September 26 at 11 am ET).

Their first full studio album will be available on all major music streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, MelOn and more.


September 23 – ‘M Countdown’ Chuseok special at 6 pm KST (5 am ET)
September 24 – Comeback show on Naver at 12 pm KST (September 23 at 11 pm ET)
‘Music Bank’ at 5 pm KST
September 26 – ‘Inkigayo’ at 3:50 pm KST
KCON: TACT HI 5 at 9 pm KST (8 am ET)
September 28 – ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’ at 3 am KST (September 27 at 2 pm ET)
SBS’ ‘Hwajung’s Power Time’ at 1 pm KST (12 am ET)
September 29 – MBC’s ‘Weekly Idol’ at 8 pm KST (7 am ET)
October 2 – The Fact Music Awards
October 10 – ‘Shopee Live Show’ at 7 pm KST (6 am ET)

The tracklist is as follows:

1. ‘LOCO’ – Title track
2. ‘SWIPE’
3. ‘Sooo LUCKY’
4. ‘#Twenty’
5. ‘B(OO)M-BOXX’
6. ‘Gas Me Up’
7. ‘LOVE is’
8. ‘Chillin’ Chillin’’
9. ‘Mirror’
10. ‘LOCO’ (English version)
11. ‘Dalla Dalla’ (Instrumental version)
12. ‘ICY’ (Instrumental version)
13. ‘WANNABE’ (Instrumental version)
14. ‘Not Shy (Instrumental version)
15. MAFIA In the morning (Instrumental version)
16. ‘LOCO’ (Instrumental version)

The instrumentals are all different versions of Itzy’s past title tracks. Itzy released an opening trailer to tease the album that referred to pop culture icons like Cruella de Vil. Swipe teaser is true to its name and we can see the girl band recording through the phone and taking selfies. Meanwhile, the Loco music video is full of heavy trap sounds as the K-Pop girl group stares into the camera.


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