Stray Kids Discusses Concept And Meaning Of “Thunderous” And “NOEASY,” Growth Through “Kingdom,” News

Stray Kids Discusses Concept And Meaning Of “Thunderous” And “NOEASY,” Growth Through “Kingdom,”

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Time icon August 23, 2021

Stray Kids talked about their comeback in a Q&A session ahead of the release of their second studio album, “NOEASY,” and the title tune “Thunderous.”

Stray Kids haven’t released a new album in eleven months. “We’ve experienced a lot of things since our last album promotions, for the repackaged edition (“In Life”) of our debut studio album,” Bang Chan remarked. “Because of such experiences, I believe we can demonstrate how far Stray Kids has progressed to STAY.”

Stray Kids won the final of Mnet’s competition show “Kingdom: Legendary War” earlier this year, according to Changbin. “After ‘Kingdom’ concluded, we were able to feel even more powerfully our pride in our team and the love that STAY has for us,” he added. “We also gained more confidence in Stray Kids’ ability to create music and perform live. With that conviction as our foundation, we were able to work more comfortably on this album.

We’re approaching our work with the sense of duty and confidence that comes with the title of ‘Kingdom’ winner,” Seungmin continued. “We put a lot of effort into making this record reflect the topics that we’re continually talking about and trying to improve.”

The Korean terminology for “Thunderous” is “sorikkun,” which refers to a vocalist who specialises in traditional Korean music. “The meaning of the song is that Stray Kids, as sorikkun [naggers], will face up against the jansorikkun [naggers] and fearlessly let fly our sound,” Bang Chan added.

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Through ‘Thunderous,’ we wanted to share our own distinct sort of music,” Hyunjin continued. “I believe ‘Thunderous’ is an extension of the ‘mala [spicy]’ genre [as seen in ‘God’s Menu’ and ‘Back Door,’” I.N stated. “This is my personal opinion, and I hope that through witnessing our performances, people will get a sense of it.”

You might say our concept this time is ‘dokkaebi‘ [goblins] and ‘black and red.’  We’re conveying Stray Kids’ distinctive sound and colour in a new way.” Felix explained the concept of “Thunderous.  “The hand motion that symbolises how we’ll confidently spit out all we want to communicate is the crucial point of our choreography.  Overall, the choreography demonstrates strength and intensity, as well as some distinctive dance lines and some lighthearted moments.” Lee Know explained. 

The title of the album, “NOEASY,” is a play on the term “NOISY.” “It indicates that we aim to have a big impact on the globe with our music,” Bang Chan explained. “This album will reveal what kind of songs and performances our team does.  We wanted to reach out to as many individuals as possible with our unique music.” Hyunjin continued. 

Life isn’t easy because of the naggers who tell us to do this and that, but we’re Stray Kids and we’re not backing down.  You may hear our larger musical spectrum and different expressions on the album’s b-side tracks.” Seungmin explained.

Lee Know chose “Silent Cry” as one of his favourite b-side tunes because it is “pleasant to listen to.” “It’s a song that I have a lot of affection for. It was my first time working on a song with Seungmin and I.N, and it was also my first time working on a ballad tune. I have an even stronger attachment to it because of those memories.” Han stated after choosing “Gone Away”. “Every time I listen to it, I strongly identify to the lyrics,” Seungmin remarked of the song “Secret Secret.”

3RACHA (Bang Chan, Changbin, Han) and HotSauce composed the title tune “Thunderous,” and 3RACHA also wrote the lyrics. The members indicate that the song is directed towards those that nag them and carries the idea that no matter what others say, they will put their music out there. The combination of forceful rap rhymes, resonant brass sounds, and traditional Korean instruments creates a distinct sound that is unmistakably “Stray Kids.”

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