“It’s Unhealthy” – BTS Taehyung Shut Down TaeKook Shippers Long Before Jennie Dating Rumors

Amidst resurfacing dating rumors involving BTS member V and BLACKPINK’s Jennie, an old statement made by V has caught the attention of fans.

The dating rumors escalated when a video purportedly showed V and Jennie walking together on the streets of Paris. However, despite the evidence presented, some fans, particularly “shippers” of V and fellow BTS member Jungkook (also known as Vkook), continue to dismiss the credibility of V and Jennie’s alleged relationship. These shippers have even gone so far as to spread information suggesting that the “V and Jennie” in Paris were merely cosplayers.

Certain fans who ship V and Jungkook as a couple persist in their belief that the Paris video is a hoax, claiming that the true romantic pairing is V and Jungkook.

However, a statement made by V back in 2019 sheds light on his clear stance regarding fan shipping fantasies. On the fan platform Weverse, V sought advice on methods to improve sleep, to which a “Vkook stan” commented, suggesting that V should look at photos of Jungkook, referring to him as V’s “lover.”

V promptly replied to the fan’s comment, urging them to “escape from [their] imagination” and pointing out that such shipping fantasies are unhealthy. This statement clearly showcases V’s disapproval of fans indulging in unrealistic romantic fantasies involving him and Jungkook, reaffirming that these speculations are far from the truth.

While the dating rumors between V and Jennie have stirred curiosity among fans, neither Big Hit Music, the agency representing BTS, nor YG Entertainment, Jennie’s agency, have provided official statements either confirming or denying the relationship. This lack of clarification has left fans to speculate and draw their own conclusions.

Celebrities’ personal lives should be respected, and their dating preferences and relationships are ultimately their own business. It is crucial for fans to understand the importance of respecting boundaries and distinguishing between fiction and reality when engaging with their favorite idols.

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