It’s Not Your Internet, Because Discord Is Down!

Discord is currently going through a major widespread outage, and several users are unable to connect to the popular group-chatting app at the moment. Discord recently confirmed news of the outage on Twitter:

While some users presently logged in on Discord may still be able to use chat or participate in calls, tens of thousands of reports have already come in to complain about the troubles faced by them in connecting to the service. This issue affected many as the application boasts about 150 million monthly active users, with a predominantly active gaming community to boot.

US and UK Outages

As per Downdetector, the outage started more than an hour ago, and reports on the same were concentrated around Boston, New York, Washington, Los Angeles, and many other cities in the US.

In the UK, users across London, Manchester, Cardiff, and Belfast among others also saw a similar surge in complaints regarding connection problems encountered on Discord.

Grievances reporting issues with the server connection and app not working appear to triumph greatly over problems in sending messages as of now, according to analytics from Downdetector.

The App’s Response

Discord says it’s now limiting logins “to manage the traffic load,” and that users who are currently logged in should be able to successfully use the service right now: The Verge reports. “We will be slowly raising the limits here to allow more users in as we can,” Discord announced.

Some time back, the site attempted to bring its service back online but has implemented a rate limit to manage the traffic load: “We have instituted a rate limit on logins to manage the traffic load. Users who are logged in are successfully using Discord at this point, and we will be slowly raising the limits here to allow more users in as we can. We expect this to be resolved in the next 15 minutes.”

Through Discord’s server status page, we recently got notified that more than half of Discord users are back online as the site still continues to work on the rest.

Keep us posted on any updates regarding Discord’s outage by commenting on your experiences down below.

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