Italian Series ‘Zero’ Not To Return On Netflix For Season 2

Famous Italian superhero series Zero is effectively terminated and will not be returning to Netflix for the second season. The first season of Zero was highly successful and comprised of eight episodes in total.

The season 1 of Zero released on the platform in April 2021 and was labeled as one of the most successful series to come out of Italy. Other projects from Italy that enjoyed similar success are Baby, Curon, and Suburaa:Blood on Rome.

Storyline Of Zero

The storyline of the show revolves around a teen boy portrayed by Giuseppe Dave Seke who has the superpower of becoming invisible. The character uses his super power when he gets into a fight with a local gang that is trying to exercise its rule in the entire neighbourhood.

Season 1 had eight relatively short episodes and a second season was imminent because the story was left incomplete. However, it seems like Netflix has now pulled the plug on the project. But why did Netflix cancel the Italian series despite it being highly successful?

Why Is The Series Cancelled?

One of the topics in the interview was about Zero where Andreatta announced that there will not be a second season saying (translated via Google Translate):

“We are happy with the results in terms of communication and content but he had fewer fans than we expected, there will be no second season”.

The series managed to be in the Top 10 charts for 12 days in Italy. This was less than the general norm to be renewed for a second or next season. For a show to be renewed, it must last in the Top 10 charts of its home country for at least 30 days.

According to entertainment tabloid WhatsOnNetflix, the reviews for Zero were generally down the middle for the series with it having a 5.7 on IMDb for instance.

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