Ishq E Laa: Final Episode Review & Public Reaction On Yumna & Azan Love Story

Pakistani latest drama Ishq E Laa has turned out to fan’s favourite. Yumna Zaidi, Azan Sami Khan and Sajal Aly starrer drama have received critical appreciation and audience love. The chemistry between the two got huge public praise.

The drama took an interesting turn when Azka (Yumna Zaidi) and Azlan (Azan Sami Khan) get into a contractual marriage. Indeed, fans adored the later developments between the two. Azka realises that Azlan did a lot for her, so in return, she accepts this marriage proposal for him and the late Shanaya (Sajal Aly). This way she wanted to return the favour done by Azlan for her studies. Fans were already foreseeing the two tying the knot since the first episode aired. The drama has been directed by Amin Iqbal and it is a Hum Television production.

After the last episode of the drama aired on Hum Tv, fans shared their reaction and how they enjoyed every bit of the suspense created. In the last scenes, Azka and Azlan got together.

Fans Reaction Over The last Episode

However, fans speculated about this ending long before. They loved the happy ending and chemistry between Azka and Azlan. One fan shared his reaction on Twitter and said, “Beautiful ending”. Others just adored and expected more of Yumna and Azan moments.

Some Missing Points In Ishq E Laa

Though the couple made a magical onscreen couple. But fans wanted Zain’s side of the story too. And yes we can not miss it. There was a time shown when Azka and Zain were in love and wanted to stay together forever. So what about that story.

Indeed, the whole confession scene was beautifully shot and executed till the last moment but what about Azka’s feelings. She did not express her feelings during the ups and downs of their relationship. One Indian fan wrote that “Azkaan deserved more to it, Happy ending but expected better from Ishq E Laa. Story progress deserved better, as we waited so long for their union.

Azan Sami Khan Pens A Note For Shanaya (Sajal Aly) 

The heartfelt post reads, “In a world rampant with violence against women and a justice system that is crippled to favour the powerful. Shanaya Ahmed was a figure that represented countless lives. That we as a nation and world have lost to injustice. She was a figure like many who have unfortunately passed that idealistically believed their voice could dutifully fight for the right cause. And would be heard but like reality has shown us time and time again. Such voices are silenced and put away and the bureaucracy. And plagued legal systems of today slowly frustrate those fighting for their causes and eventually fade away into nothingness till another such tragedy happens. I’m proud to have played a husband to a character like Shanaya Ahmed”.

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