Ishq-e-Laa Episode 6: Tragic Decision And Impressive One

The recent episode of Ishq-e-Laa is creating a lot of buzz. And it should because of its little too fast-paced. Shanaya and Azlaan’s sudden marriage did not make a sense. Azka and her brother’s relationship was one of the most heartwarming parts of this drama. But in the latest episode, audience got clarity why Kanwal’s toxicity given so much screen time.

However, Sultan’s decision not backed by common sense at all. It was yet another unnecessary addition to this episode. It was also difficult to understand why Azka did not take a stand for herself this time around as she had taken before without thinking about the consequences. The leading characters continue to be more confusing than unpredictable. Get Glimpse Of 6 Upcoming Pakistani Drama

Even though there are many weaknesses in the script, the performances, for the most part, have been convincing. But the execution has been impressive and the pace of the drama has been fast. Therefore, the audience have not lost interest in it altogether. However, not too confident that the story will be taken forward convincingly in the future as well. Ishq-e-Laa script continues to be its weakest link so far even though it is not entirely disappointing, and isn’t impressive either.

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Though since the begininng only, main characters seemed to be confused. And yes, there were definitely times when Shanaya does not realize Azlaan’s controlling nature. Likewise, it should not taken so casually! However, this can be a problem for the audience to connect with her. Sajal Aly and Azaan Sami Khan look good on screen. While, Azaan’s acting is decent for the beginner. Hope that he changes his hairstyle since it does not look good at all and is often distracting.

Mashfak Qureshi is an entertainment journalist, who brings facts and knowledge in the simplest form and believes in questioning.