Is Shiba Inu On The Menu? Burger King To Giveaway Crypto Coins To Its Royal Perks Members

Yes, you read the title right! The international fast-food burger chain ‘Burger King’ is now going to serve it’s loyalty customers some cryptocurrencies. The world of cryptocurrencies has been the craze off late.

Coins like Shiba Inu have further diverted the attention of the general public towards the crypto market by generating massive returns for their ‘hodlers’. Shiba-Inu, a rival of Dogecoin (which Burger King would be giving away) recently became the 9th most valuable cryptocurrency in the world.

Which Cryptocurrencies Will Be Given Away?

Burger King has announced three cryptocurrencies that it would be giving away to the members of its BK Royal Perks program. The three cryptocurrencies, to the misfortune of Shiba Inu fans, are Dogecoin, Bitcoin, and Etherium.

Dogecoin is the most likely to be received by the customers as there are 2 Million dogecoins stacked for giveaway. Burger King will giveaway 20 Bitcoins and 200 Etherium. Bitcoin is the most valuable cryptocurrency is the world and the member to win the giveaway for BTC is certainly going to be the luckiest.

To be eligible, one must be a member of the BK Royal Perks Program and should spend at least $5 on the Burgen King app. The entire Crypto Giveaway project of the burger chain is being done in collaboration with trading and investing app, Robinhood.

‘Side Of Crypto’

Burger King took to its official Twitter to announce the news of crypto giveaway.

“you heard it here first. we’ve teamed up with @RobinhoodApp to give out a side of crypto when you spend $5* or more on the BK App with Royal Perks.”

Earlier in 2021, another well-known restaurant Starbucks also got involved with the world of crypto. However, it did not giveaway any cryptocurrency rather integrated a system with its Starbucks Rewards loyalty program where customers were enabled to load their crypto coins in the app and convert it to dollars at their stores.

With more and more real-world applications of cryptocurrencies, the day does not seem far when cryptos dominate the world. Tell us your thoughts about the story in the comments.

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