Is Rhea Chakraborty Being Stripped Off From Her Basic Human Rights?

It’s everywhere. It’s sensational. It’s on every news and media platform you tune into, every tabloid you take hold of and every group discussion you come across. The untimely and unnatural demise of the 34-year old actor Sushant Singh Rajput is still all the rage. No one wants to kick the can/procrastinate in reporting about the latest developments in relation to this story.

Rhea – Villian, Witch & Gold Digger?

Dear reader, I personally beseech you to attend the poll which follows this article at the end because while the death of Sushant took all of us by a bumper shock, we tended to deviate towards our age-old habit of ‘Scapegoating’.

Rhea has been called a ‘villain’, ‘witch’, ‘gold digger’ and loads of other slurs by the people based on the assumption that she has something to do with her boyfriend’s death owing to leaked WhatsApp chats, statements made by Sushant’s family against her, call records, and so on.

Well, might be or might not be but this write-up’s sole intention is to reiterate ‘presumption of innocence’, a basic human right which isn’t being upheld in this high-profile case and things we are missing out on.

Rhea Chakraborty’s Most Recent Interview – Reality Or Ruse?

Rhea Chakraborty's Exclusive Full Interview With Rajdeep, Big Secrets  Revealed | SSR Death case - YouTube

Rhea is the prime accused who is being ‘blamed’ and ‘held responsible’ by everyone (other than the legal agencies) for the death of one of the most versatile actors of the industry.

She has recently appeared in an interview with News Anchor Rajdeep Sardesai talking about her side of the story for the very first time after she last appeared in a self-released video where she urged that the ‘Truth Shall Prevail’. Here’s the video:

– Sushant’s Depression And Worsening Condition : TRUE

Rhea also mentioned about the Europe trip with Sushant and the latter’s confession about encountering a depressive episode in the year 2013. While we cannot assess the ingenuity of her statement, we can undoubtedly be sure of the statements given by five psychiatrists who had treated Sushant at one or the other point of time.

All of them have claimed that Sushant’s condition was deteriorating and he was undergoing an ‘existential crisis’. There were times (March 2020) when Sushant felt like ‘leaving Mumbai and Bollywood’ as it was too overcrowded. The statement of the medical professionals have been recorded by the Police and dispatched to the CBI for scrutiny. The statements were accessed by IndiaToday. Here’s their report:

-Sushant Was ‘Claustrophobic’ And ‘Aerophobic’ : FALSE

She also claims that Sushant was ‘claustrophobic’ and ‘aerophobic’ which seems to be false because SSR was an avid lover of the skies, the cosmos, and was found talking about his dream to fly a plane several times.

Sushant’s Ex-girlfriend also jumped in on this matter and took to Twitter with the following tweet:

– Rhea Claims Sushant’s Mom Suffered Depression : TRUE

SSR’s sister Shweta got into trouble after netizens dug deep into her Facebook’s history. As deep as 2011. Here’s an example:

– Rhea Administered Drugs (CBD Oil) To SSR : Partially True

Recently, the new drug angle had emerged and Whatsapp chats between Rhea Chakraborty and Jaya Saha went viral on the internet which had mentions of CBD oil.

According to those chats, Rhea used to administer the CBD oil to the late actor which was given by Jaya. One of their chats read, “use 4 drops in tea, let him sip it…give it 30-40 mins to kick in.” To this, Rhea had replied, ‘Thank you so much’.

Another chat in 2017 includes content about weed and cocaine, NCB is probing it and is ready to reach the depth of the matter.

What Is CBD Oil? Is It Lethal?

Jaya Saha was summoned by the ED. It is being said that Jaya has confessed that she never supplied CBD oil or any kind of drug to Rhea or Sushant. She said that she suggested CBD oil to Sushant since he was suffering from depression and he contacted her for it. She also said that what she suggested was legal and easily available on shopping portals.

While we may spare a thought for Rhea’s intentions to treat Sushant’s anxiety and depression, it’s unlawful to administer drugs to an individual without their knowledge and consent. Hence, if that has been done, Rhea stands mistaken (opinion from basic knowledge of the law and ethics).

Innocent Until Proven Guilty – A Basic Human Right

Rhea was questioned for over 10 hours by the CBI in connection with the death of her friend and actor Sushant Singh Rajput. Her interrogation comes a day after she told the media about the “unbearable mental torture” of being investigated by multiple agencies.

The presumption of innocence is the legal principle that one is considered “innocent until proven guilty”.

The presumption of innocence is a legal right of the accused in a criminal trial, and it is an international human right under the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 11. This says it all, in favor of Rhea Chakraborty.

‘As Swara Bhaskar says, Rhea is being subjected to dangerous media trial led by impulses of mob justice’

#JusticeForRhea Trends On Twitter

After keeping mum for over 65 days since Sushant’s demise, Rhea finally decided to break silence on all the allegations being framed against her, in connection with Sushant’s death. This has brought about a new light in her favor away from the ‘media trial’:

Mental Health – Rhea Has It Too

Mental Health was the hot topic when Sushant died by suicide. Everyone talked at length about the importance of Mental health. We tend to forget that ‘Voyuerism’ does no good to anyone. Rhea has her rights too, she is co-operating with the authorities but the sheer amount of pressure and backlash which the actress has received in the past months is alarmingly shocking for an individual to cope up with. I wonder where would all these critics go and what would the media ‘cook up’ if God forbid, Rhea commits suicide? We need to be more responsible collectively as a society. Satyame Vijaytay. Truth Shall Prevail.

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What do you think?

Is Rhea Chakraborty Being Stripped Off From Her Basic Human Rights? Comment below your thoughts!


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