International Film Festival with ‘Bench’ Usman Mukhtar to debut at Cannes

Usman Mukhtar, Pakistani well known actor and director announced to make his Cannes debut with the short film ‘Bench’ – starring Rubya Chaudhry.

Pakistani showbiz talented actor Mr Mukhtar will be soon seen to be making his Cannes debut. He announced this news by sharing a story on Instagram. His short film ‘Bench’ with actor Ruby Chaudhry is shortlisted for the Cannes International Independent Film Festival, “With great humility, joy and pride do we announce that ‘Bench’ has been selected at the first Cannes International Independent Film Festival – CIIFF,”

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“We strive for the love of art and cinema and hope to reach new heights. We will continue making more films and also make it to the one and only Cannes Film Festival one day,” Usman Mukhtar added his Instagram Bench post underscoring his love for art,

Rubya Chaudhry also took to Instagram and posted the same as Usman Mukhtar did by adding, “A big thanks is in order to everyone that watched it and showed so much love and appreciation.”,


Congratulations are in order for Usman Mukhtar and Rubya Chaudhry as their short filmBenchwins big at South Shore Film Festival, New York!

The actor took to social media and shared the news.

“wins at South Shore Film Festival, New York! Thank you Team!” he tweeted. Many, among Osman Khalid Butt, congratulated Mukhtar for the win.

Talking to The Express Tribune, Mukhtar shared that the team is really excited for the win! “We won the Best Short Film at the South Short film festival, we received the email last night. We’re really happy, really excited. Because of Covid-19, it wasn’t screened in New York. However, the judges saw it online and then decided.”

Talking about other international film fest Mukhtar has submitted the short to, he revealed, “The film has been submitted to a lot of film fests, Toronto Film Fest, Cannes and Busan to name a few. Due to the current situation, they’re screening the film online but we are yet to hear back from them.

Speaking about releasing the film in Pakistan, the Parchi star shared, “If Covid wasn’t here then I would have screened it for a limited audience in Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore. But right now, we can’t be sure because of the pandemic.”

Previously, talking about the film Mukhtar told the publication without dwelling into much detail, “The film is about two people who meet on a bench. It’s a dialogue based film which takes a very interesting twist and turns.”

Chaudhry who plays one of the lead roles in the film describes it as, “An intimate dialogue between two conflicted hearts, looking to find their own truth in life.”

The trailer sees Chaudhry walk towards a bench after purchasing two packets of cigarettes. As she makes her way, Her character is giving a monologue to the audience. about decisions she regrets one of which she aims to rectify. “It takes courage to make tough decisions, to force yourself out of your comfort zone in order to take charge of your destiny,” she said.

Benchsets out to explore one such relationship; that turning point where you could either settle with the cards you’ve been dealt with or break the mould to find your own truth.”

Directed by Mukhtar with the script penned by Ali MudarBenchis a dialogue centric film that sees two people, already at difficult crossroads of their respective lives come across one another.


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