Inspiring, Harsh Bachani, A young Entrepreneur plans to bring plate of good health to your table

We are living in the generation of go-getters, the achievers, generation who dares to dream with open eyes and knows how to conquer those dreams. Youth of today is much more focused dedicated and hard working than ever. Harsh Bachani a young Entrepreneur is also one such man, who does not only follow the passion of living healthy and fit himself but inspires you to do the same with what he offers through his venture Fit Food Company, which is India’s best meal prep company.

Bornandbroughtup in Mumbai, Harsh Bachani  has an extremely attractive personality. He is a total fitness freak and can give anyone great fitness goals. He has always believed that eating healthy is the biggest part of your fitness journey, it is 30% workout and 70% healthy food that keeps you fit. And this is the idea behind his entrepreneurial venture Fit Food Company.

This firm works on an amazing concept of preparing healthy customized meal for it’s customers. People who are health conscious and are always worried about getting a perfect meal plan for themselves, Fit Food is right destination for them. It is a company known for taking best care of health and meals of it’s customers. At present it is caters to it’s esteemed customers in the city of Mumbai. About his venture Harsh Bachani says “ If you want to stay fit you don’t have to starve yourself, but eat well planned healthy meals at right intervals of time, and that is what we are offering, best quality healthy meals.” . He  has very well tapped the need of fast growing health and fitness industry, as more and more people are becoming fitness oriented and are in search of such services where they do not have to worry about getting a right healthy meal for themselves.

But this is not the only feather to his hat, Harsh Bachani is also Founder of Alpha Electro hub and  also Founder of Café 333  chain of Café  offering some of the Uber delicious delicacies and.He sure is a multifaceted personality, an inspiring young businessman whose journey to success proves that if you follow your passion wholeheartedly and work each hard each day to accomplish your set goals success will come on its own. After all success is about sum of small efforts repeated day-in and day out.