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Influencer Rohit Virwani Shares A Heartwarming Post After India Imposes 21-Day Lockdown Due To COVID-19

The best ability influencers have is to create a lasting impact on their audiences. Whether it is about letting people know of any product or service, they are the best medium to raise awareness among the audience. The current situation in India and the entire globe seems to be very crucial ever since the coronavirus made its entry taking the lives of many people across the world. The Indian government has imposed a 21-day lockdown from March 25, 2020, after Prime Minister Narendra Modi made an announcement for the same. Urging people to stay safe is influencer Rohit Virwani who is enjoying his quarantine time being indoors.

The lifestyle influencer is very active on Instagram and keeps his followers updated about his latest whereabouts. Looking at the pandemic taking lives of many people, Rohit took to his Instagram and posted a picture of himself stating to be safe in this situation. His caption read, “It is literally everyday, nowadays that we read about a death or two because of the corona virus pandemic. There have been so many repercussions that have accompanied the spread of this virus that it is hard to even read about it. From the crash of the economy to the fall in the transport sector, a single virus has brought us to a stand still. I understand that the lockdown that has been imposed in India can feel depressing and a little too curtailing as well. But we also know that what has been done has been done for our own good. Just remember, stay positive and stay safe!”

Below is the picture posted by Rohit Virwani:

Throwing light on his works, Rohit Virwani plans to start his own blog by the end of the year. His blog will majorly focus on his lifestyle, fashion and also fitness. The influencer is making the most of his quarantine time by ideating and planning about his upcoming blog.

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