IND vs ENG : 3rd Test, Top 5 wickets

Let’s have a look at the top 5 wickets of the 3rd test.

Bumrah gets the big fish

In the 117th over of England’s innings, Bumrah produced a magical delivery to get rid of Team India’s chief tormentor. The ball seamed in and stayed lower than usual. Root came across the line which was a mistake since the ball snuck through between bat and pad to hit the off-stump. Root looked good throughout the innings. And that’s why only a special delivery like this of Bumrah could have got him out.

Overton gets Rahul at the stroke of Lunch

This wicket belongs as much to Jonny Bairstow as it did to Overton. Bairstow produced a one-handed beauty to get rid of Rahul. It was a great ball and an even better catch. Angled in, Rahul had to play as this was heading towards the off-stump and pad, took the shoulder of the bat, and flew to the right of first slip, but Bairstow dived, sticking his left hand out and the ball glued into the palm. Let me remind you that Bairstow is primarily a wicket-keeper. This fact makes his catch even more special. Rahul did nothing wrong here, it was just a top-class delivery. It was a well-deserved wicket for Craig Overton and England.

Robinson’s brilliant Inswinger

Pujara fell short on a century as he misread Robinson’s inswinger. It was a mental error from Pujara and it cost him. This angled in fuller, towards off, Pujara planted his front pad forward and then offered no shot, the ball came in with the angle to rap him on the pad. The on-field umpire gave the decision in favor of Pujara since he offered no shot. But after the DRS review of England, the HawkEye showed the ball to be hitting the off-stump. It obviously takes a classic delivery to get out a batsman set on 91.

Anderson sends Kohli packing

The uncertainty of the wobble-seam did the trick, as this landed on a length and jagged away ever so slightly. Kohli unleashed a confident checked cover drive, but it took a thick outside edge through to the wicketkeeper who grabbed it and launched it into orbit in celebration. Anderson, nearly 40 years of age, screamed and sprinted faster than he did during his run-up.

Jadeja gets his first wicket

Jadeja pulled drowning India out of the water and gave some relief to India. He angled the ball in, and gotten it to straighten, Haseeb Hameed got forward for the familiar forward defence, and that’s a beauty that spins past the outside edge to hit the top of the off-stump. A fascinating scene for any bowler, sending the bails flying!!!


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