In Mumbai, the BTS Army celebrates Jungkook’s birthday with billboards

Today marks Jungkook’s birthday, September 1st. He is the youngest member of the iconic Korean pop band BTS. The 24-year-old has earned followers all around the world and is called the “golden maknae” by his fans. In India, the BTS Army went all out to make the pop sensation’s birthday one to remember.

As part of a “birthday project,” photos of a bus stop in Mumbai contain Jungkook’s posters. Fans of the boy band have rented billboards to express their support for the group’s newest member. The billboard images also included QR codes for Jungkook’s solo songs ‘Euphoria,’ ‘My Time,’ and ‘Still With You,’ which were taken from the band’s various albums.

This isn’t the first project that BTS supporters have undertaken in the country. As part of the singer’s birthday mission, they’ve also opted to sponsor abandoned dogs in India.

This is the first time India has seen such large-scale celebrations for a member of a K-pop band, showing BTS’s expanding global popularity.

Special arrangements have already been made in countries where BTS has been popular for a long time, such as China and South Korea, to celebrate the singer’s birthday. The Han river in Seoul, South Korea’s capital, will be home to a custom-themed cruise ship. Jungkook will be the first celebrity to have an illumination show in the capital, as well as his own custom-themed cruise ship parade.

Fans in the city of Busan, where Jungkook was born, will hold a launch campaign at the Haeundae tourism zone’s Blueline Park. In Indonesia, ten LED birthday banners will be dedicated in Kuningan, south Jakarta.

Jungkook is one of the most popular members of BTS, because to his vocal abilities and pleasant attitude. At numerous occasions, he has been seen helping his bandmates, crew, and fans. Jungkook’s videos of him assisting others frequently go viral, resulting in the young celebrity being praised for his kind personality.


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