BTS’ Jungkook Drops Surprise Message For Fans Before His Birthday News

BTS’ Jungkook Drops Surprise Message For Fans Before His Birthday

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August 31, 2021

BTS’ Jungkook dropped a special message for fans on Weverse hours before his birthday tomorrow (September 1). The singer’s message has excited the ARMY as they began to share his message on social media.

Fans have also commented on Jungkook’s posts on Weverse and he claimed it made him feel great. Many of them have congratulated the singer on turning older. However, the singer said it wasn’t his birthday yet.

Jungkook wrote on Weverse, “ARMY, how are you doing?! My birthday is coming soon…! If there’s anything you want to say to me, please leave it here! (Like lyrics).” Fans utilised this opportunity to wish him well and he did not expect that. He further said, “Everyone, it’s not my birthday yet… LOL. Please understand what I intended..! Hehe. Regardless of my birthday, please let me know what you’ve always wanted to say to me in a few sentences like ‘lyrics’ he he.”

Sometime later, Jungkook came on the as he scrolled through the many messages he received on the fan interaction app. He said that he kept reading their comments and those are giving him comfort. Fans have eagerly been putting together the celebrations for their idol’s birthday.

Unless you live under a rock, you might already know that BTS Army celebrates the singers birthdays in grand fashion. Jungkook’s birthday is no different. Fans have already decided on the hashtags that would be trending in a few hours.

Fans are also reminiscing what all the other members have done for Jungkook on his birthday over the years. Many looked back at fun memories of Jungkook with the band and many hope that there would be a surprise VLive for fans. They also have a number of projects to celebrate the youngest of the BTS members.

Army has decided to concentrate on 7 charity organizations as per media outlets. This was done by the fanbase JK Baidu Bar, and they reportedly donated to the following organizations: Child Protection, “Stand By Her,” Mobile COVID Testing Lab, Help Impoverished Mothers, Stray Pets Rescue, Sichuan Flood Relief & Child Abduction Prevention.