In her new story, Shilpa Shetty discusses the concept of “taking responsibility”

Since her husband Raj Kundra was detained in an alleged pornography case, Shilpa Shetty has been expressing herself on social media in mysterious and honest posts. Shilpa Shetty took to her social media account on October 2nd to share a quote by German Proverb on “taking responsibility.”

“Taking responsibility”

Shetty emphasized the need of taking “responsibility” in a recent Instagram post. “If only the perfect opportunity would come along, we believe to ourselves, we could make a real success of things,” she said. We are jealous of people who appear to be more successful. Somewhere along the way, they must have gotten a big break.” “Chances are, we already have more opportunities than we realize,” she continued in her post

It is up to us to begin noticing and taking advantage of these changes. This involves actually putting forth the effort to turn chances into accomplishments.” To recall, Raj Kundra, a wealthy businessman, was recently granted bail on a Rs 50,000 surety.

Take a look at Shilpa Shetty’s post: 

Raj Kundra was apparently deemed the “key conspirator” in the production and distribution of adult films using digital applications, according to the uninitiated. The businessman was granted bail by the court after being held in judicial custody for approximately a month. In the midst of all, Shilpa Shetty issued an official statement on the subject, urging people to respect her privacy. Shilpa has also resumed her job duties after a short break owing to the court processes, and can now be seen filming her dance reality show, Super Dancer Chapter 4, on a regular basis.

Puneet Kaur Reveals The Private Message of Raj Kundra

YouTuber Puneet Kaur has come out open and said that the husband of Shilpa Shetty, businessman Raj Kundra had once sent her a private text message on social media. The message was allegedly related to the pornography racket that Raj Kundra was a part of, for which he had now been arrested.

Puneet also embedded some scenes from the past video in question, in which she and two others could be seen discussing the DM that she received from Raj Kundra, and all of them were wondering if Raj’s account had been compromised with (hacked).


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