Impact Star Has Been Given A Short-Term Contract Extension

Impact Star Has Been Given A Short-Term Contract Extension

Maria Kanellis, her hubby Mike Bennett, Matt Taven, as well as other Ring of Honor stars descended on Impact Wrestling earlier this month to incorporate their Honor No More stable. Eddie Edwards became the team’s leader, and they’ve been seeking to take over Impact since before.

Maria Kanellis, one of stars of Honor No More, is reportedly doing so well in the company that they are offering her an extension to her current contract. According to a source, Maria has been given further time on her contract in the future. It should be noted, nevertheless, that as of April 1, no other members of Honor No More had signed contracts. Those people are still on per-appearance contracts with Impact.

Alongside Impact, Maria affirmed that she is in discussions with Tony Khan regarding making a return to Ring of Honor to assist with their women’s division. She earlier served on the board of directors even before company reported a hiatus and was later purchased by Khan.

Tony Khan has contacted Kanellis-Bennett, according to a source. So now we’re just looking to find a time to talk on the phone and go over the details. So I’m hoping that eventually happens. I’m thankful and grateful that he even managed to reach out to me because I adore Ring of Honor.

Because last year was so fulfilling, a piece of my soul may have died a little when I was let go from the company last year. I had a great time working with the women’s division of Ring of Honor.

Maria Mike & Bennett are launching their own promotion

So I’m hoping that we can find time to talk. And many of our friends are attempting to contact us and ensure that we stay in touch. As a result, I’ll keep everyone updated as events unfold.

Maria as well as Mike Bennett are launching their own promotion, Women’s Wrestling Army, in addition to Impact, ROH, & AEW. The women of WWA will hold their first event in early May, with training from Maria and Bobby Cruise.

Women’s Wrestling Army, according to Maria Kanellis-Bennett, will be centred on the exclusive content webpage where fans can support the promotion., according to Kanellis-Bennett, will be the only place to watch the promotion’s events. Each month, 2-3 episodes are agreed.

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