Idrees Kickz creates revolutionary success with his business “Woiair”

The young business talent has enthralled all with his astute business sense, work ethic, and incredible businesses.

Having the vision to make massive success for oneself is one thing, and having the courage to make sound decisions for taking great actions to turn those visions into reality is another thing. The rise of many young talented beings across fields and industries of the world is proof of their valiance and fearlessness. We couldn’t help but notice the swift rise of one such young man with a solid vision in mind to take over the world of entrepreneurship for his love for sneakers; he is Idrees Kickz, aka Mohammad Edris Hashimi. His love for sneakers knows no bounds, which has what helped him transform his passion into his profession, entering the world of business.

Idrees Kickz is the one who today spearheads his one-of-a-kind business called “Woiair,” known popularly as a sneaker-reselling company for selling rare designer sneakers across Canada. Even at a young age, his mind was full of new ideas and visions, which he wanted to turn into fruition, and since his love for sneakers only grew with years, he decided to place his bets in the niche, and that is how entrepreneurship came by his way, allowing him to launch Woiair at the mere age of 19.

Everything began for him when he realized he had a mammoth collection of sneakers, which, if resold, can give him great returns. That is how he started with reselling them online. Gaining more and more experience, he became an expert as a sneaker reseller, which added on to his confidence and helped him build his business empire, Woiair. Today, it has diversified into other niches as well, besides selling online sneakers. The brand has developed into Woiair Real Estate, selling and building luxury homes, Woiair Digital Agency, and Woiair Merchandise for selling comfortable and affordable clothing online.

As if attaining much momentum in these niches wasn’t enough for him, Idrees Kickz jumped into the trading world as well and began investing in forex and stock markets. Though he has attained massive success at such a young age, Idrees Kickz wants to stop for none and continuously move ahead on his path to create greater success for him and his company, with the aim to open a grand sneaker store in LA and Toronto.


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