‘I Made A Big Mistake By Bringing My Wife To Seaview’ – Filthy Karachi Beach Angers Waseem Akram

Karachi is the largest city of Pakistan. Besides, it is the economic hub of Pakistan and the city with the port. Moreover, Karachi has several beaches. However, none of them is worth visiting these days.

Recently, former national cricket team captain and thesultanof swing, Wasim Akram once again raised his voice on the filth and garbage on the shores of Karachi.

Akram shared a video on his social media account. In the video message, he said, “I thought Monday was the first day after the week, it would be fun at sea. However, I made a big mistake by bringing my wife to Seaview.”

“It’s not about blaming anyone, it’s about blaming ourselves as a nation,” he added regarding the filth of Seaview beach.

Akram further said, “It is very shameful, we tell the whole world that Pakistan is a very beautiful country, people are very beautiful. Indeed, “people are very beautiful but they are dirty as well.”

He said that for those who were fond of giving advice on social media, it was not the time to give advice, all this filth had come from the sea, everything you throw into the sea comes out.

It may be recalled that Akram has raised the issue of filth orkachraon the shores of Karachi many times before.

Garbage is a disgrace to our city, people, and culture

Shaniera Akram said garbage was a disgrace to our city, people, and culture. Besides, Shaniera also posted a picture on her Twitter account in which she is standing on the rubbish, piled up on the beach.

“All I see is rubbish and people breaking the law. Shops with piles of rubbish, sewerage tankers offloading in the ocean, Housing blocks looking like they are falling apart because no one wants to paint or fix them.There is no pride anymore Karachi. It’s like we have given up caring,” she added.


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