Happy Birthday, Captain! Prime Minister Imran Khan Turns 68 Today

Did you wish the prime minister on his birthday? Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday turned 68. He was born on October 5, 1952. The former Pakistani cricket captain was greeted by PTI leaders, ministers, fans, and Pakistani celebs.

Imran became the prime minister of Pakistan in 2018. In his first address to the nation as premier, he set out his vision for a “New Pakistan”. He spoke at length about the need to reshape the country. How? By introducing an Islamic welfare system, reducing poverty, and slashing high debt levels.

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A firebrand populist, PM’s appeal soared before the elections on the back of his anti-corruption drive. This resonated with young voters and the expanding middle class in the mainly-Muslim nation of 208 million people.

Imran Khan inherited a host of problems at home and abroad. This included a brewing currency crisis and fraying relations with Pakistan’s historic ally, the United States.

A former playboy of the London social scene who has since adopted a pious persona, PM wants Pakistan to build a welfare state akin to some found in the West.

He wants a Pakistan modeled on the ideas first voiced by Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in the holy city of Madina.

PTI leaders, ministers, supporters, and fans wished PM on social media

Meanwhile, many media and Pakistani sports personalities also took this chance to wish the PM on his 68th birthday.

And, some common Pakistanis are also having a great day knowing that its PM’s birthday,

From creating 10 million jobs to building an Islamic welfare state and restoring Pakistan’s tattered image abroad, Imran Khan faced many problems of his own making: runaway expectations raised by his lofty rhetoric


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