Hugh Jackman Confirms Deadpool 3 Will Take Place Before 2017’s Logan

Will Wolverine come out of the grave for Deadpool 3? We know this question has been popping up in every fan’s mind since the announcement of Hugh Jackman being back in the MCU. 2017 Logan has already marked the ending of the Wolverine story after his death. So how is Wolverine back in the Ryan Reynolds starrer? Well, Hugh Jackman has answered this question to clear the doubts in viewers’ minds.

A few months back, Ryan Reynolds posted a video announcing the return of Wolverine. Fans were happy to hear the news as they will get to see the duo once again onscreen. Further, Ryan also posted a video where he explained that this movie won’t be spoiling Logan’s ending. He made it clear that the 2017 film took place in 2029, so there’s no way they’re touching Wolverine’s death.

Recently, Hugh Jackman sat down with The Empire Film podcast host, where he revealed that Deadpool 3 will take place before 2017’s Logan. So there is no way that the Wolverine is dead at that time, so this possibility is bringing him back to the screens once again.

Further, the host asked him about James Mangold, the director of Logan’s reaction to his return. He replied by saying that the director was cool about this possibility. He also explained to him that the movie will take place before Logan. He adds,”I did tell him that it took place before our movie, so I wasn’t gonna screw with the claws popping out of the grave. So he was relieved by that, and he totally got it. 

The director found it to be a really good idea for the sequel. Deadpool 3 is just two years away from release. The release date is said to be November 8th, 2024. The film is directed by the maker of Euphoria named “Shawn Levy”. The producers of the film are Kevin Feige, Ryan Reynolds & Simon Kinberg.

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