How Sydney Melman Navigates the Ever-Changing Modeling Industry with Class News

How Sydney Melman Navigates the Ever-Changing Modeling Industry with Class

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Time icon December 17, 2020

For years, supermodels and couture fashion houses of New York and Europe have dictated the gold standard of global fashion and beauty. And as one of the most competitive industries in the market, a single casting can yield hundreds of models from countless agencies. For Sydney Melman, having been a model for nearly her entire life, today, she’s all too familiar with the benefits as well as the disadvantages of being a model. Despite the fact that models are well acquainted with the notion of rejection, it has been her journey through the industry and through her time as a model that has taught her the importance of self worth and value.

As a young model on the rise, despite having worked for household brand names like the Gap, Children’s Place, Nautica, Cosabella and more, Melman found herself up against immense adversity at the hands of her schoolmates. After enduring bullying both online and in person at school, Melman held fast to her belief in herself. With the support of her family, the young model continued to pursue her dream and believe that she could be successful as a model. Still, all these years later, the drawbacks she faced both mentally and emotionally remain a salient reminder of the importance of self-love and maintaining her mental health.

“If I didn’t believe in myself, I don’t know where I’d be right now,” Melman says. “Though it was difficult at the time, I’m now grateful that I could overcome those obstacles. Self love and believing in yourself is the drive that makes women powerful on their own. Women can and should be self-made, stand on their principles, and should have respect turned towards them for their daily resolve.” Sydney elaborates.”

Today, Melman embraces her past and now looks forward to her future with the same confidence that got her through her hardships. And while, for models, rejection and criticism come with the territory, she continues to share her story with young women, models or not, encouraging them to believe in themselves and not let others dictate their happiness.

“My confidence has turned away a lot of people and made it really tough at times to stick to my guns. Ultimately however, what allows me to stay strong and keep my resolve is putting my own opinion of myself first and treating that as the law I live by.”

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